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Police Investigate Cruise Ship Incident in Baltic Sea Restricted Area

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German authorities have launched an investigation into an incident involving the cruise ship Mein Schiff 4, which reportedly entered a restricted area in the Baltic Sea. The incident occurred on September 5th during the vessel's eastbound journey from Kiel to the Polish port city of Gdynia, passing through the Fehmarnbelt.

According to information provided by the police, the massive 293-meter-long cruise ship inadvertently ventured into a restricted zone designated for the floating dredger 'Manta' at approximately 10 p.m. local time. The area is currently host to various hydraulic construction sites as part of the Baltic Sea Tunnel project connecting Germany and Denmark.

A police spokesman stated, "The cruise ship sailed on its course without changing direction directly through the restricted area designed for the floating dredger 'Manta.'" This prompted the initiation of criminal proceedings, with suspicions of negligently endangering shipping traffic. Authorities are also examining whether there was a violation of maritime regulations related to the use of prohibition signs, as reported earlier by the "Kieler Nachrichten."

The incident escalated when the cruise ship and the excavator on the dredger came within approximately 150 to 180 meters of each other. Recognizing the imminent danger posed by the approaching cruise ship, the dredger's crew swiftly released the anchor chains, allowing the "Mein Schiff 4" to safely navigate over them. Fortunately, the police have determined that the anchor chains did not present any further risk to the safety of both vessels.

In response to the incident, officials conducted questioning on board the "Mein Schiff 4" in Kiel on Sunday. The focus of the investigation is on reconstructing the ship's travel preparations and determining whether the planned route was deviated from during the voyage.

The outcome of the investigation will shed light on whether any negligence or violations occurred during the cruise ship's passage through the restricted area in the Baltic Sea.