Princess crew member found dead in his cabin

Mar 16, 2016

Tragic event occurred on Island Princess current cruise. While the cruise ship was in Colon, Panama, a crew member was found dead in his cabin. The news was first reported by Cruise Law News, stating that the crew member was newly hired employee working in the galley. Some crew members say that it was his second cruise and he committed suicide because of stress and pressure by the supervisors. His name was not disclosed and some comments state that he was Mexican national.

Island Princess reported the tragic death to the local authorities and they provided support in the endeavor to investigate the incident. As a result, the ship canceled its scheduled call to Limon and sail to Grand Cayman, where the ship will arrive on Saturday, March 12.

Working on a cruise ship for first timers is extremely difficult, especially in the Galley department. The working environment is extremely hard with supervisors screaming and verbally humiliating crew members in front of other colleagues. On top of the 12 hours work per day, every crew member needs to attend different meetings while on break time (safety meeting, environmental meeting, work ethics, trainings and god knows what else since most of the crew members are so tiered they sleep at this meetings). When all adds up (long working hours, trainings during breaks, extreme working environment, mobbing by the supervisors) you can have clear picture of how first-time crew member feels like.

Latest Update 

Princess Crew member commits suicide by hanging

Rest in peace Paisa.