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Princess Cruises 1st Cruise Line to Cross the New Panama Canal

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Princess Cruises will be the first, and so far the only, cruise company to cross the new Panama Canal. The company has already included this in their new transit routes through the Pacific, Atlantic and Caribbean. The Caribbean Princess with capacity of 3,080 passengers will operate using the new Atlantic locks in its premiere from the end of 2017. This experience will be part of a 10-day cruise through the Panama Canal from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The new routes will make their debut in the 2017-18 winter season. Three other ships, Coral Princess, Pacific Princess and Island Princess will make transits through the Panama Canal for the winter of 2017-18 using the original locks with departures from Los Angeles, Vancouver and San Francisco.

The Caribbean Princess will make a series of thirteen cruises of 10 days sailing thru the channel from October 21, 2017. On his trip ship will stop in the Cayman Islands, Cartagena (Colombia), Colon (Panama), Limon (Costa Rica ) and will end trip in Falmouth (Jamaica).

Its 36 meters wide prevent it from entering the old locks built in 1914 they counted only 34 meters wide. The new locks were planned to be operational on its 100 years creation but were delayed for various reasons. The new locks use tugboats instead of electric locomotives to move 290 meters from the Caribbean Princess. With the Coral Princess, the Island Princess and Pacific Princess, passengers can enjoy a variety of travel destinations. Transit through the Panama Canal on a cruise ship is a memorable adventure.