Radiance of the Seas Cruise Canceled Due To Mechanical Issues

Sep 02, 2023

Cruise passengers booked on a voyage on Royal Caribbean International's Radiance of the Seas received disappointing news recently. The cruise, scheduled to depart from Seward, Alaska, on September 1, was canceled due to unforeseen mechanical problems with the vessel. 

On a voyage that promised to take passengers on a scenic 7-day journey from Seward to Vancouver, with stops in Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, and Haines, travelers had high expectations for their holiday. However, those expectations were dashed when they were informed that the cruise would not proceed as planned. A letter distributed to passengers cited issues with the vessel's propulsion system, which affected its speed, as the primary reason for the cancellation. Although the letter acknowledged the technical issue, it did not provide specific details about which aspect of the propulsion system was affected.

Royal Caribbean's Response

In the wake of the cancellation, Royal Caribbean Blog shared the letter sent by the company to inform passengers of the situation. According to the letter, "Radiance of the Seas' propulsion system experienced a technical issue which impacts the ship's speed." The document further explained that despite efforts by their teams, the necessary repairs could not be completed in time for the scheduled departure, leading to the unfortunate decision to cancel the cruise.

Compensation for Passengers

Royal Caribbean International, recognizing the disappointment and inconvenience faced by its passengers, announced a series of compensatory measures. Passengers who had booked the cruise and any shore excursions through the cruise line will receive a full refund of their costs. Additionally, those who had arranged their air travel through Royal Caribbean will have their flights rebooked, ensuring that their travel plans are not entirely disrupted. For those who made their own flight arrangements, a credit of up to $600 will be provided to facilitate changes to their pre-booked return flights.

Extended Stay on Radiance of the Seas

In an effort to make the best of a challenging situation, Royal Caribbean International has offered passengers the opportunity to remain on the Radiance of the Seas until Sunday, September 3. During this extended stay, passengers will receive complimentary services, including internet access, beer and wine, and a shuttle service into Seward, allowing them to explore the local area while awaiting their departure.

As of now, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines has not provided any additional information regarding the extent of the mechanical issues on the Radiance of the Seas or whether they will impact future sailings.