Regal Princess Scores 100 Points on USPH Inspection

Oct 10, 2016

Princess cruise ship Regal Princess scored perfect 100 points on a recent unannounced USPH public health inspection. The latest Princess cruise ship is considered one of the cleanest vessels in the cruise industry. The ship has scored perfect 100 pints on all US Public Health inspections since she set sail in 2014. 

The USPH inspection is conducted by the CDC Vessel Sanitation Program, twice a year when the ships are in the US ports, in order to determine the sanitation standards on board. During the inspections, all areas of the cruise ship are inspected including food handling, medical facilities, water systems, water quality, dining rooms, and common areas of the ship.

CDC website has yet to release the results of the latest inspection, however Princess released the news on their Twitter account. This is fourth time Regal Princess to score perfect 100 points on USPH inspection. Previous inspections were held on December 10, 2014. April 12, 2015, and February 24, 2016. We like to congratulate to all Regal Princess crew for their hard work and long hours, making this beautiful vessel one of the cleanest ships in the fleet.