Remembering Mark Stetson: A True Pioneer and Beloved Leader of Norwegian Cruise Line

Jul 25, 2023

The Norwegian Cruise Line crew community is mourning the loss of one of its finest members – Mark Stetson, a true pioneer, leader, and, above all, a remarkable human being. With a heavy heart, Mark's sister, Shaun Stetson Vaughn, shared the sad news of his passing, leaving a profound void in the hearts of many who knew and worked with him.

Mark Stetson's legacy at Norwegian Cruise Line dates back to the early days of the company, where he played an integral role in shaping its journey and success. Mark spent years on Royal Viking Line as well. Over a remarkable career spanning more than four decades, he donned multiple roles, including Crew Purser, Chief Purser, and Chief Financial Officer. His contributions extended across various ships and eras, including the SS Norway, the Seaward, and the NCL Pride of America. Notably, he was among the people behind the launch of these iconic vessels, leaving an indelible mark on NCL and RVL.

Colleagues and friends who had the privilege of working alongside Mark expressed their heartfelt condolences, sharing treasured memories of their time together. Andrew Davies fondly remembered Mark as a star, cherishing the moments they worked side by side. Tammy Talles Eriksen, who shared humorous memories of their time together at One Biscayne Tower, echoed the sentiments of many who were fortunate to have crossed paths with Mark.

Raymond Pangilinan paid tribute to Mark as the best boss he ever knew during his NCL days, a sentiment that was echoed by many others who admired his leadership and character. Carey Sue Majors Vega recalled being deeply saddened by the news, emphasizing the impact Mark had on their lives and many memories they shared.

Glenn Waddingham, too, held dear the times he spent with Mark, cherishing the friendship of a truly good man. 

These heartfelt messages, along with numerous others from colleagues are a testament to the profound impact Mark had on the lives of those around him.

His warm smile, genuine care for others, and unwavering dedication will be cherished and deeply missed by the Norwegian Cruise Line and Royal Viking Line family. Mark Stetson's memory will forever live on, and inspire future generations in the cruise industry. 

As the crew community comes together to remember their beloved colleague, they unite in extending heartfelt condolences to Mark's family, wishing him "Fair winds and following seas" on his eternal journey. Rest in peace, dear Mark, your legacy will continue to sail on in the hearts of all those whose lives you touched.