Remembering Matt Yee: A Legacy of Laughter and Love

Dec 05, 2023

In a heart-wrenching farewell, hundreds bid their final goodbye to Matt Yee, an entertainer cherished by many aboard Royal Caribbean ships. Matt's passing has left an empty space in the hearts of those who were touched by his performances, leaving behind a legacy of laughter, camaraderie, and an indomitable spirit.

For two decades, Matt Yee traveled the globe, sharing his Outrageous Adult Sing Along Shows on Royal Caribbean and Atlantis, creating a space where strangers became friends. His performances were not just shows; they were celebrations of life, moments where people let down their guards to laugh, drink, and sing along together. Matt was more than an entertainer; he was a spirit of joy who brought smiles to countless faces.

Michael Bayley, President & CEO of Royal Caribbean International, expressed the collective sorrow on the social social media. The Schooner Bar, where Matt often performed, became a sanctuary for those seeking his unique brand of entertainment. 

Paul, Matt's husband, shared a heartfelt message, expressing gratitude for the kindness, love, and support shown during Matt's brave battle against cancer. Matt's final year was marked by an enthusiastic embrace of life, sharing both joys and setbacks with a circle of friends dear to him. Even in the face of illness, Matt exuded strength, largely avoiding pain and fear, and graciously tending to his family members.

Friends and colleagues, like Shawn Pelofsky, reflected on Matt's unique qualities. Shawn described Matt as a GREAT entertainer, someone unpredictably funny and charismatic. Matt's battle with cancer was fought with unparalleled courage, and his departure leaves the world a sadder place. Shawn's poignant words capture the impact Matt had on those around him and the void created by his absence.

David Morehead, another friend, shared a farewell message, underscoring the deep connections Matt forged through his performances. 

Matt's impact on the cruise industry, from Royal Caribbean to other renowned cruise lines, is a testament to the universal appeal of his shows. Though he may no longer grace the stages of earthly ships, his memory lives on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to share in the magic of Matt Yee's Outrageous Adult Sing Along Shows.