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Rescuers Pick Up A Sick Toddler From AIDAprima

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Late on Saturday evening, around 10 p.m. as announced by the German Society for Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS) the crew of the rescue cruiser "Hans Hackmack" in Cuxhaven has received an emergency call about a sick child. The sea rescuers responded immediately and started off a corresponding rescue operation for the toddler, arriving alongside the 300-meter AIDAprima in the Elbe estuary. The rescue boat picked up the toddler that needed to be hospitalized, along with three paramedics and a doctor from the cruiser, and afterward, the child's parents were handed over to the rescue team through the side hatch of the AIDAprima. 

Next, the team with the child and the parents was transferred to an ambulance that was already waiting ashore, at the ferry port in Cuxhaven, in order to bring the child to the nearest hospital and give him further observation. No details are revealed about the illness and the current condition of the child. This incident has happened shortly after AIDAprima set off from Hamburg on the popular metropolitan route. Hopefully everything will be well with the young girl.