Rhapsody of the Seas Damaged During Storm in Greece

Sep 19, 2016

Royal Caribbean Rhapsody of the Seas has been damaged by a strong winds that the ship encountered this morning. The ship was hit by powerful wind at 5:00 AM waking up all passengers onboard, while sailing near Greek Isles. The ship sustained damages in public areas and several large windows in the dinning room have been broken.  There are also reports that the ship heavily listed and water poured from the pool deck to several decks bellow.

“Had a nice scare at 5am this morning on the Rhapsody of the Seas (Greek Isles). Entered a storm and the port side of the ship was at a nice angle waking up a lot of passengers. Lots of glass broken in the dining rooms, water came over the deck and leaking down the steps. Definitely scary! We are good now and the captain got us out of the storm. A cruise to remember!” said the onboard passenger Angela Surratt‎.

Another passenger, Kathryn Davis, said “Rhapsody listed violently to port side this morning at 5am. Every bar was smashed, water pouring down staircases and some lifts / it was frightening / the huge toughened glass windows in the Viking lounge have been smashed about 10 of them. We encountered very bad weather and the water was from the pool. All shops were turned upside down what a mess, plates smashed in restaurant. Everyone ok thank God.”

Rhapsody of the Seas is currently on a 10 Night Greece & Adriatic Cruise. Next port of call scheduled for tomorrow is Santorini.