Royal Caribbean Completes Crew Repatriation

Sep 14, 2020

Royal Caribbean Group has come a long way since the start of the global pandemic and suspension of all cruises. The company faced unprecedented challenges during the repatriation of its crew members, however, they managed to overcome all travel restrictions and health protocols established by many countries and safely return crew members back home.

With the final charter flights on September 10 and 13, for 240 Mauritian crew members, Royal Caribbean successfully completed the repatriation of the last remaining crew stranded on board.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, Royal Caribbean repatriated 29,930 crew members on over 100 charter flights, and over 2,600 commercial flights, as well as using their ships to repatriate crew in Indonesia, India, Philippines, and other countries around the world.

According to the latest update, there are 3,199 crew members on 19 ships at minimum crewing around the world, and about 110 team members on the private islands.