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Royal Caribbean crew member Adriana Morales murder case to be tried in November

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The court in Kralendijk- Bonaire decided during a so-called “Pro-forma” session that the trial for the suspected killer of Adriana Morales will begin on November 2nd, 2017, reports BES-Reporter. The suspected killer of the Royal Caribbean crew member Adriana Morales, with initials R.S. was arrested on April 30, after Adriana's body was discovered buried on a ranch to which the suspect had access.

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The 23-year-old Adriana Morales was last seen exiting Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas in Bonaire on April 20, 2017. After she was reported missing the police in Bonaire engaged 25 detectives to search for her. Local authorities had also received assistance from the FBI branch in Miami. When Navigator of the Seas sailed back to Miami, FBI proceeded to interview fellow crew members and search Adrian’s cabin. FBI detective also flew down to Bonaire, bringing along her belongings from the vessel. Ten days after her reported disappearance her remains were found buried on a ranch. The police investigation concluded that she found her death by stabbing. During the investigation Police also found out that the suspect had child pornography in his possession.

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We, the crew members are shocked from this gruesome murder of one of our own colleagues. Traveling the world in some of the most beautiful places we can’t imagine that something like this can happen. Unfortunately, it did, and it happens in one of the remote, peaceful places, the island of Bonaire. Therefore I share this message with all crew members: Don’t trust anyone in the port. Don’t take a taxi if you are alone. When you visit a port always travel in a group with trusted fellow crew members, NEVER alone. The world is a dangerous place and bad people are everywhere, even on small peaceful islands. To Morales family: We share your sadness, sorrow, and pain that you will forever carry in your hearts from the loss of your daughter. No child deserves such faith. God give you strength for the loss of you angel.

Rest in Peace Adriana.