Royal Caribbean Presents Icon of the Seas Crew Neighborhood

Jul 03, 2023

Royal Caribbean International is taking crew satisfaction to new heights with the redesign of the entire crew areas on their upcoming cruise ship, Icon of the Seas. Recognizing the importance of a contented crew in ensuring an exceptional guest experience, the cruise line has thoroughly unpgraded the crew neighborhoods based on extensive surveys and feedback from its crew members. This significant overhaul spans four decks and includes revamped lounge areas, crew cabins, and a host of amenities.

One of the notable changes aboard Icon of the Seas is the redesigned crew cabins. The new layout not only maximizes storage space capacity for personal belongings but also enhances privacy for the crew members who spend several months on the ship. With a maximum occupancy of two crew members per cabin, Royal Caribbean aims to provide a comfortable and conducive living environment.

The Crew Neighborhood, as it is named, boasts an array of amenities that cater to the needs of the crew. Among these features are a crew restaurant that offers sea views through portholes, bars, lounges, a gaming center, and a gym. The addition of a shop, hairdresser, and classrooms further enriches the crew's experience, ensuring they have access to essential services and opportunities for personal growth.

When Icon of the Seas sets sail in January 2024 as the world’s largest cruise ship, it will house a 2,350 crew from up to 80 different countries. These dedicated crew members, who play an integral role in the smooth operation of the ship, often find solace and relaxation in the crew cabins and lounge areas during their leisure time. Royal Caribbean understands that a happy crew translates into happy guests, and therefore, meticulous planning of the crew areas is of utmost importance.

The ongoing video series, Making an Icon, provides a captivating glimpse into the construction of Icon of the Seas at the Meyer shipyard in Turku. Alongside the innovative designs for the crew areas, viewers are treated to captivating visuals of the ship's development. With a crew-to-guest ratio that ensures each crew member will serve a maximum of 7,600 cruise guests, the ship aims to accommodate nearly 10,000 people in the near future.

Royal Caribbean International's commitment to enhancing crew satisfaction through the redesign of crew areas on Icon of the Seas exemplifies their dedication to providing an exceptional cruising experience for both guests and crew members alike. As the launch of this remarkable ship approaches, anticipation builds for the unrivaled experiences that await guests and the elevated quality of life that awaits the hardworking crew members who call Icon of the Seas their home at sea.