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Royal Caribbean's Housekeeping Team Leads by Example in Environmental Stewardship

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Royal Caribbean International's Housekeeping Leadership Conference recently took a significant step towards coastal conservation. The team dedicated their efforts to a GIVE back project focused on sand dune restoration and beach cleanup at Crandon Park, Miami, Florida, underlining the cruise line's dedication to protecting the marine environment and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

The conference's participants engaged in a hands-on conservation activity that involved preparing dune posts and securing them with ropes around the dunes. This essential work aims to protect the dunes by preventing foot traffic, which can compact the sand and damage the fragile ecosystem. The fortified dunes play a critical role in offering natural defense against storm surges and high waves, reducing coastal flooding and erosion, and providing a vital habitat for various wildlife species.

Cleaning Up for a Cause
In addition to the restoration work, the volunteers collected 53 lbs (24 kg) of marine debris from the surrounding beach area. Marine debris, much of which comprises plastic waste, poses a severe threat to marine life and ecosystems. By removing this debris, the Royal Caribbean team contributed to the health of the ocean and beach, ensuring safer and cleaner habitats for marine and coastal species.

Demonstrating Environmental Leadership
The initiative at Crandon Park is more than just a beach cleanup; it represents Royal Caribbean International's broader commitment to environmental stewardship and its efforts to engage its crew in meaningful conservation activities. "On and off our ships, our amazing crew demonstrate our passion to promote vibrant oceans and ecosystems around the world," stated a Royal Caribbean spokesperson. This event exemplifies how corporate responsibility and volunteerism can have a direct and positive impact on the environment.