Silver Explorer Bridge damaged by huge waves – The captain and three crew members injured

Huge waves hit the Silver Explorer bridge windows while the cruise ship was sailing south of South Georgia. Following the incident, four crew members including the captain of the ship sustained minor injuries. 


The luxury cruise ship had to return to the Port of Ushuaia after being damaged in a storm of wind and giant waves. The incident occurred on Jan. 12 at about 8 p.m. when staff received a communication Prefecture Ushuaia Silver Explorer ship.

The Chief of the Naval Ushuaia, Mayor, Federico Alejandro Bader reported that they "immediately set up a communication via a satellite phone. We were told that there were strong winds and waves had affected several windows of the bridge. "

In fact the strength of the waves damaged the windows of the wheelhouse, so that water entered the bridge affecting some instruments. The violent shaking caused minor injuries to four crew members including the captain. However the damage didn’t affect the propulsion systems or ships navigation.

According to the Naval Chief said that "they did not needed assistance, but the captain decided not to continue the journey."

Ushuaia authorities are monitoring the cruise ship until it reaches the port. They are in constant communications with the ship who was originally scheduled to arrive on Friday. Once in port the authorities will conduct an inspection of the vessel. The Silver Explorer is part of the luxury cruise line Silversea.