Silversea Cruises Launches "Job Well Done" (JWD) Card

Sep 25, 2023

Silversea Cruises has taken a step to recognize the contributions of its dedicated crew members. The company has announced its latest initiative, the "Job Well Done" (JWD) Card program, which aims to celebrate outstanding performance within its crew ranks. The program is a token of appreciation and an opportunity for supervisors, managers, officers, and petty officers to recognize and reward a job well done by any fellow crew member. 

Upon receiving a JWD Card, the deserving crew member becomes eligible to participate in a monthly raffle. This raffle offers a chance to win one of five prized awards, each worth 25 USD. To enter the raffle, the presenting officer, petty officer, manager, or supervisor must complete the JWD Card by providing the necessary details and then present it to the crew member. 

Silversea said they believe that the JWD Card program will serve as recognition and appreciation aboard, and serve as motivation to its hardworking crew members. By recognizing and celebrating each other's achievements, the company hopes to create a more vibrant and supportive work environment where every crew member feels valued.

In addition to the JWD Card program, Silversea Cruises also runs the "Employee of the Month" award, where exceptional crew members have the chance to be rewarded 250 USD. 

As we reflect on this new program, we invite you to share your thoughts and opinions. What are your views on the JWD Card program? Do you believe it's a meaningful way to celebrate excellence within the crew and contribute to a positive work atmosphere on board Silversea Cruises' luxurious vessels?