South African President to inaugurate Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal in Durban

Nov 22, 2023

Today, November 22, 2023, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver the keynote speech at the inauguration of the Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal in Durban. The terminal is a testament to the collaborative efforts between the MSC Cruises and the Africa Armada Consortium. 

In 2019 MSC Cruises entered into a Public Private Partnership with Transnet to design, build, and operate a cutting-edge cruise terminal at the Durban port. Today, the result is the Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal, a modern marvel that seamlessly blends technology and hospitality to offer an unparalleled experience to its guests.

The terminal's design, construction, and operation have been carried out with a focus on supporting the local economy. An impressive 70% of procurement related to the terminal has been sourced within South Africa. The terminal boasts an all-South African team, including architects, engineers, attorneys, and the construction company, showcasing the wealth of talent and expertise within the nation.

Nelson Mandela Cruise Terminal elevate Durban as a premier destination for cruise ships worldwide, and serves as a symbol of MSC Cruises' dedication to the KwaZulu Natal Region and South Africa as a whole. The inauguration ceremony will be a momentous occasion, attended by government and private sector partners, tourism stakeholders, esteemed media representatives, and top executives from MSC Cruises.

The initial investment of $15.8 million underscores the magnitude of the project, and in a clear sign of confidence in the region's cruising potential, an additional R1.6 million has been invested in 2023 for further expansion.