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SSC Napoli And MSC Cruises Launch Limited Edition Jersey

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SSC Napoli And Msc Cruises Launch Limited Edition Jersey

SSC Napoli and MSC Cruises, as the Main Global Partner of the Italian Serie A champions unveiled the exclusive "Everywhere Jersey." Following the launch of the Home and Away kits in July aboard the MSC World Europa, the club from Naples reinforces its strong relationship with the global cruising giant by dedicating their fifth season kit to the maritime theme.
This limited-edition jersey features a design resembling a stylized map highlighting key harbors frequented by the MSC fleet—Dubai, Copenhagen, and Miami, all converging towards Naples in a vivid display of global unity across the seas.

Accentuating the jersey is the Compass Rose, emblematic of navigation, symbolizing a steadfast guide for those with a zest for travel and exploration, mirroring the dynamic partnership between SSC Napoli and MSC Cruises, a duo known for igniting the passions of fans worldwide.

Tommaso Bianchini, Chief Revenue Officer at SSC Napoli, expressed, “The unveiling of our season's fifth and final jersey rounds off a journey that set sail aboard the MSC World Europa in July. Our voyage embarked from Naples with the initial two kits, ventured to New Zealand inspired by Maori culture for the third, and returned to Naples with the Halloween edition celebrating the ancient Fontanelle Cemetery. Our global launch of the 'Everywhere Jersey' symbolizes the seamless integration with our Main Partner MSC, featuring the compass rose and the four major ports MSC ships touch globally. This marks the continuation of our journey with a distinguished partner for years ahead."

Leonardo Massa, Vice President Southern Europe at MSC Cruises, also expressed satisfaction: “MSC Cruises' vision for 2024 is a 'voyage to beauty,' aboard vessels that deeply respect the ocean, the planet, and the environment. This jersey encapsulates the essence of beauty, carried through the company's signature destinations, embodying the spirit of the traveler for whom every port represents both an arrival and a new beginning. We are proud to have a jersey that captures our adventurous essence and stylishly represents our connection with Naples and its football club, a beacon of unique aesthetic allure captivating the football world."