Staff Member Dies Aboard Majestic Princess

Jul 07, 2023

A staff member aboard the Princess Cruises' ship Majestic Princess tragically passed away three days ago during a 14-day Alaska voyage. The staff member, identified as a UK national and working as a Digital Specialist onboard, was found dead in his cabin.

The details surrounding the incident emerged from an anonymous crew member, who provided insights into the unfortunate event. According to the source, the staff member experienced a medical crisis.

Code Alpha was sounded thru the PA system and despite the response of the medical team, upon their arrival, it became apparent that the staff member had already passed away. Preliminary information suggests that the crew member had sought medical attention at the ship's medical center the day before due to persistent vomiting. The following day, the crew member's absence was noticed by colleagues, and when attempts to reach him via phone went unanswered, the tragic discovery was made.

We, as a crew community, are deeply saddened by this tragedy and extend our heartfelt condolences to the grieving family, friends, and colleagues of the staff member affected by this tragic event.