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Staniel Cay, Bahamas Cruise Ship Schedule

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Staniel Cay, Bahamas cruise ship calendar 2024-2025 provides a list of cruise ships scheduled to arrive in port with detailed information, including dates and estimated time of arrival and departure. To view how busy is the port we have included the maximum passenger capacity for each vessel. This timetable displays dates and times cruise liners are scheduled to sail into the port with the name of the ship, cruise operator, and the number of passages based on double occupancy. Please note, that the following cruise ship schedule is created on updated itineraries from the major cruise lines. The cruise ship schedule I subject to change and might be affected by various reasons including weather conditions, or itinerary changes by the cruise lines.

Date Cruise Ship Time Guests
7-Apr-25 SeaDream II - 94
14-Apr-25 SeaDream II - 94
10-Apr-26 SeaDream II - 94
17-Apr-26 SeaDream II - 94
24-Apr-26 SeaDream II - 94