Two Filipino Crewmembers arrested with 15 kilos of cocaine

The Spanish Police arrested two crewmembers of the cruise ship "MSC Magnífica", which docked yesterday in La Coruña, on a drug trafficking charges. The crewmembers were caught with 15 kilos of cocaine on the ship. The two arrested are Filipinos who were tracked for weeks while the ship was in Brazil.


The operation is part of a major police investigation which is still ongoing and are not ruling out further arrests. In fact, it was the Drugs Unit and Organized Crime (Udyco) which leed the operation, which surprised the other employees of the ship and even workers of the port.


The intervention took place in the morning and caused half an hour delay for the ship's departure, expected for three in the afternoon. Early rumors pointed that the delay was due to the delay of a passenger bus had not yet arrived, but it was not true. The officers entered the cruise ship and conducted a search in the crew cabins to locate the narcotics. Police used sniffer dogs to locate the drug. During the raid they also found small amounts of other substances, such as marijuana, but it appears that they were not related to the plot.



Police suspects that the final destination of the drugs was England and Spain because it is the usual sea route that follows this illegal traffic. In the UK the value of cocaine is higher than that recorded in Galicia.