Video: Boy Throwing Golf Club off Carnival Cruise Ship

Jul 30, 2016

A Youtube video was uploaded today showing teenage boy throwing golf club off a cruise ship. As you can see from the video bellow the boy with a medal on his chests first looks if someone is around, and then throws the golf club in the sea with a smile on his face. Polluting the ocean is serious issue, and all cruise lines during the master drill inform the passengers that throwing any items in the ocean is strictly forbidden following the International Maritime Organization convention. If caught in the act the passenger can be kicked off a cruise ship at the next port of call. However there is not yet a legal case when a passenger was convicted for littering the ocean. The brat on the video posted a comment saying “All thanks to Carnival Cruise Lines for making this video possible.” Needless to say how stupid it is to pollute the ocean and make a video plus post it on internet. We hope that Carnival Cruise Lines together with the authorities identified this brat and bring it to justice.