Video: Cruise Ship nearly runs over two jet skiers

Mar 12, 2017

Two women who fell off a jet ski were saved by Brevard County sheriff's boat just in time as the cruise ship, Carnival Magic was getting dangerously close. In the video posted on YouTube by a passenger on Carnival Magic, you can see the two woman trying to get on the patrol boat, as they were in the path of the giant cruise ship. Luckily no one was injured in this near-tragedy, thanks to the outstanding rescue by Deputy Primmer from Brevard County Marine Unit, happened yesterday as Carnival Magic departed Port Canaveral to its next destination Amber Cove.

According to Canaveral Pilots website, the quick action by Port Canaveral harbor pilot and a Brevard County Marine Unit Deputy saved two boaters from possible serious injury or worse.  

Capt. Doug Brown who was navigating Carnival Magic out of the port noticed a jet ski being operated within the navigation channel.  Capt. Brown alerted Deputy Taner Primmer who was patrolling in the harbor in support of the cruise ship departures.  Capt. Brown, working with the Captain and officers of the Carnival Magic, maneuvered the vessel away from the women while Deputy Primmer pulled both boaters aboard his vessel and out of harm’s way.  

Great job and outstanding teamwork by Capt. Brown, Carnival Magic Captain, and Deputy Primmer for in the rescue of the boaters.

Photo: Anthony Miglioranzi You Tube video screenshot