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Video: MSC Musica Breaks Away From Moorings at Port of Rio de Janeiro

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On Friday afternoon, a cruise ship at the Port of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil broke away from its moorings and went adrift. MSC Musica was moored at Pier Mauá when an exceptionally powerful wind caused the ship's lines to part and she drifted away from her moorings. The ship quickly restored the mooring lines with the help of a tugboat. Luckily no damages or injuries have been reported.

Video shared on social media shows the strength of the storm as the ship is moving away from the pier, and tiles flying from the roof of the warehouse next to the port.

In a statement, port authorities said: "On Friday at around 3 pm, the stern of the passenger ship MSC Musica was released after it break from the mooring bollards due to the force of the winds. The vessel was immediately stabilized in accordance with the navigation safety protocol. At the moment, the vessel is stabilized and again moored to the pier waiting for the scheduled departure at 10 pm."

At the time of the accident, MSC Musica was on a 9-day South America roundtrip cruise from Buenos Aires.