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Voyager of the Seas Encounters Storm in the Gulf of Mexico

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Voyager of the Seas safely made it back to the port of Galveston on Saturday after sailing through a storm in the Gulf of Mexico on January 26. The Royal Caribbean International cruise ship was on its way back to its home port when the vessel encountered a storm on the last day of the 5-day Western Caribbean cruise. Passengers on board shared details and footage of the destruction caused by the storm on social media. Guests reported that the storm caused flooding in parts of guest staterooms and public areas. Deck chairs were tossed around the open deck by the powerful wind, and the crew closed the outside areas as a safety precaution.

"We sailed through a bad thunderstorm. They closed the outside areas of the ship, the casino, and other areas of the ship. The ship was listing to the point that things were falling off of tables and desks, food was crashing off of the buffet line, and displays in stores were falling over. Deck chairs blew all over the pool deck, and we had water pooling on our balcony up to the door. People-watching was really interesting during this event. I’ve never looked out of my balcony window and only seen ocean and no sky before today," said one passenger.

"Two extremely bad thunderstorm systems tossed us around pretty badly for like 3-4 hours. Lots of rain, hail, waves. Lots of rainwater got into the ship," another guest sailing aboard the ship said.

The crew had the situation under control and handled it in a professional manner. Some rooms had wet carpets, but everything else was cleaned up. Some minor injuries to a few passengers have been reported, mostly in the ship’s casino caused by the slot machines.