Welcome to the Crew Barbershop on Cruise Ship

Oct 16, 2016

Greetings to all crew members and step up in the barbershop located on deck B in the crew corridors. This is the place where most of the crew members cut their hair bellow the sea level. Yes, part of the crew members, usually Pinoy or Indonesian, who have excellent hairstyling skills and like to make extra money do their magic. Unlike cruise ship passengers who are pampered in the Spa, the crew usually cut their hair in the makeshift barbershops. The price is 5 to 10 dollars so it’s much affordable then cutting hair in the Spa, where price for crew is 20 dollars. This guys have everything one hair saloon has, like a mirror, trimming machine, brushes, covers and some of them do complimentary head massage. Here is a short video recorded by Buhay sa Cruise Ship of the crew barbershop.