Who Are Best and Worst Cruise Ship Tippers?

Jul 31, 2016

People working on cruise ship in Dining room department, Bar department and Housekeeping depend on tips since most of their salary comes from the guests gratuities. Guests from all around the world board on cruise ship and depending on their culture they tip well or poor. When I was working on cruise ship as a waiter I could tell who will leave tip for the provided service and who will just shake your hand at the end of the cruise without leaving single penny. If you work on cruise ship, you have probably developed this professional instinct already. Aldo you can’t say that one nationality leaves tips and other doesn’t, this is my experience with guests coming from different countries.

Best Tippers


They are the best tippers. It is in their culture to tip, and they tip well if you provide excellent service. I remember when we use to make short seven days cruises from Bayonne, New Jersey to Bermuda. The ship was packed with guests from New Yorkers and people from New Jersey in their mid-40s. Those were the cruises when we all made lots of money. It is needless to say that that the tips depend on the length of the cruise, age of the passengers and their nationality. You cant expect extra tips from a 20 days cruise from senior passengers however they can sometimes surprise. 


Jewish guests on cruise ship are pretty demanding, and service can be quite tricky with them. But once you gain more experience you will get into the game you will be ok. Just make sure to bring lots of iced tea. If they are satisfied and you provide great service they will appreciate this and tip you well.


I like Latino guests on cruises ship because they know how to enjoy their cruise holiday and don’t mind if you serve them from right or left side. They are here to have good time and usually don’t bother with the service procedures. As long as you bring the food on time they will leave tip and sometimes extra.


My favorite guests on any cruise. Nice to talk with them, very polite and humble people. I never had any problem regarding the service and they always tip extra.

Worst Tippers


Before I start I know that English people reading this article will say “In England the service charge is included in the total amount we pay” Sorry to say but when you board a cruise ship you are not in England anymore. To add one more thing, all passengers are before they board they are informed about tipping policies no matter if you are from England or from China. When i see Englishman dressed as a Count of Montecristo I know I will get $0,00 tips from him at the end of the cruise. They are pretty demanding, know the service procedures quite well and they like their food burning hot.


Same as the English just more casual dress code.


They will drink expensive spirits and wines on ship and make slip of $500, but on the line for tips they will add 0 or 2 bucks. Come on people in Sweden, Norway and Finland one coffee is 5 euros and you leave $2 tip. I know crew members come from poor countries but this is insult.

Five years have passed since I quit the cruise ships and I’m sure that things are the same regarding the gratuities. Im leaving on you to add your experience with other nationalities not included in this list, regarding the tipping. Just add your opinion or disagreement in the comment box bellow.

I hope you make lots of money this contract and have less challenging guests.