66,000 Royal Caribbean Group Employees to Receive “Thank You, Thank you” Bonus

Dec 21, 2020

Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara crew members onboard and at home, will receive the final payment of the “Thank You, Thank You” Bonus in the following months.

The news was announced in the “Royal Way Newsletter” distributed among the crew members by Royal Caribbean Group.

“Thank You, Thank You” is a bonus program awarded to employees, ship and shore, who helped the company reach its "Double-Double" goals from 2015 to 2017, It is an equity-based award that pays out over three years (2018, 2019 and 2020). All eligible crew members onboard and at home will receive the last payment during the months of December and January 2021," the newsletter reads.

After achieving the three-year Double-Double goal of doubling earnings per share and recording a double-digit return on invested capital, in January 2018 Royal Caribbean announced that the company will share the profit with the crew. Back then the company informed about 66,000 employees that they will be thanked for their contribution and be financially rewarded with a total amount of $80 million.

"Exceptional results require exceptional effort," said Richard D. Fain, RCL's chairman and CEO. "Reaching the Double-Double required remarkable focus and discipline from our employees, and they delivered," Fain said the Bonus had the added benefit of enabling each employee to see the Royal Caribbean as shareholders do. “We want to thank every one of our people for the hard work that got us where we are today, and give them a stake in our success going forward."

Crew members receive the bonus amount depending on the years of service during the Double-Double period of 2015, 2016 and 2017.

This is great news for the Royal Caribbean Group crew, especially during these difficult times, when each help is much appreciated, and we truly hope that other cruise lines will assist the crew as much as they can.

Attention crew!

As you are aware, in the past few years there have been several scams targeting crew members by setting up phishing websites. Therefore please note that the bonus will be transferred to your account. You don’t need to confirm and expose your personal data on the web, in order to receive the last payment of the “Thank You, Thank You” Bonus and Royal Caribbean never asks for your personal information via e-mail.

 In October, Royal Caribbean President Michael Bayley took to social media to warn the crew not to fall victim to an email scam targeting private information and not to click the links.