AIDA Cruises Sphinx Class Cruise Ships Crew Facilities

The German Cruise Line Aida Cruise is well known for the exceptional crew facilities, as well as the public and private crew quarters. The company takes into consideration each and every detail when it comes to crew wellbeing, making sure they enjoy the very best crew facilities and benefits. This is no exception on the company's Spinix Class ships.

AIDA Sphinx Class ships include AIDAdiva, AIDAbella, and AIDAluna.

The following photo galleries, which are photographed on AIDAdiva, show each crew facility on the Sphinx Class ships.

Project Crew Facilities: The main purpose of this project is to help first-time cruise ship employees get familiar with all crew facilities and living conditions on a specific ship by presenting in detail each facility with photos and a short description.

We need your help: In order to present more information about the crew facilities of as many cruise ships as possible, we need your help. If you are a crew member and you like to contribute to this project please send us photos from the crew facilities and add a short description together with the name of your ship. You can send a message on our FB Fan Page at or at the following email:

 Free Internet: AIDA Cruises provides 500 megabytes a month of free internet for each crew member when the cruise ship is in port.