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AIDA Cruises Urges Guests To Avoid Riding Donkeys in Santorini

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AIDA Cruises is taking a stand against donkey riding in Santorini, urging its guests to avoid participating in the activity. This collective effort between activists and the cruise industry aims to shed light on the distress animals experience when compelled to undertake the treacherous climb burdened by heavy human loads.

The iconic images of tourists enjoying donkey rides in Santorini may be etched in many memories, but these rides often bring more torment than joy to the animals involved. Recognizing the ethical concerns, the animal protection organization PETA has been at the forefront of campaigns to end this practice in Santorini.

Joining this noble cause, not just PETA but also prominent tour operators, including AIDA Cruises, are striving to bring an end to this controversial "experience." AIDA Cruises has been praised by PETA for its approach of distributing cabin flyers to guests before disembarking in Santorini. These flyers appeal to the passengers urging them not to partake in donkey riding, emphasizing the well-being of the animals. Other cruise lines are also following suit, distributing similar awareness materials.

The criticism has not only targeted the activity of donkey riding itself but also the treatment and living conditions of these animals. The donkeys and mules are subjected to agonizing ascents and descents, often being hurried up and down staircases to amuse tourists. The steep and demanding path between the old town and the harbor has been particularly problematic.

AIDA Cruises's proactive step to recommend against donkey riding aligns with its commitment to animal welfare. The flyer distributed to passengers emphasizes, "In the interest of animal welfare, AIDA Cruises does not offer excursions with donkeys in Santorini and strongly advises all guests not to use this offer when on the island." Instead, they advocate utilizing the cable car for exploring Santorini in comfort.