Anthem of the Seas Crew in a 3-Day Quarantine After 4 Test Positive for Covid-19

Jun 20, 2021

Starting today the crew onboard Anthem of the Seas will go in a so-called modified quarantine after four crew members tested positive for COVID-19 on the recent PCR test. According to our source, the 4 crew members disembarked the ship today.

Anthem of the Seas arrived in Piraeus, Greece for loading and for the crew re-vaccination, scheduled for today and tomorrow. Our source said that due to the latest test results the vaccination was postponed. Tomorrow all crew will be tested once again in order to proceed with vaccination.

Anthem of the Seas Captain made an announcement on the ships PA system saying:

“In an effort to keep you all safe starting now we will be implementing ship-wide modified quarantine for all crew for the next 48 to 72 hours. This means all crew are requested to go, and remain in your cabin, except to go to restaurants for daily meals. Social distancing will be strictly enforced. Please contact your manager or supervisor for a working schedule and mealtime. Smoking will be allowed on the balcony. Crew in crew cabins please use outside smoking areas after mealtime in a limited short visit. For more detail information will be sent to you. Crew PCR test is scheduled for tomorrow. It is utmost important that you contact the nurse on duty to report any symptoms, and do not leave your cabin.”

Royal Caribbean announced the new summer itineraries from the UK aboard Anthem of the Seas available to UK residents above the age of 18 who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and those under the age of 18 with negative test results.  The ship is scheduled to restart cruise operations from her homeport Southampton on July 7, sailing three and four-night Ocean -Getaways. According to the plan the ship will sail five to eight-night cruises to the British Isles from July 15, to destinations such as Liverpool, England, Kirkwall in Scotland and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Royal Caribbean said Anthem of the Seas will start cruising with fully vaccinated crew, which means they need to receive the second dose of the vaccine in the next 3 days, to be considered as fully vaccinated 2 weeks before sailing with guests.