Bahamian Authorities reject MSC Seashore to dock on the private island Ocean Cay

Dec 31, 2021

The year is coming to an infamous end, with the even more contagious Omicron variant that recently contributed to increased numbers worldwide. Not a good sign for the cruise industry, that had been hit hard for these past two years and now another year coming with so many positive cases and chaos to start with.

This especially refers to the ships sailing in US waters, since the current number of reported ships carrying infected passengers and crew is 89, according to the CDC health authority. MSC Seashore is one of them, having unknown crew members and passengers tested positive for the virus on board. That was the reason for the vessel to be refused to disembark at Ocean Cay, the company's private island yesterday, which is under the authority of the Bahamas.

Instead of enjoying on the beautiful beaches on the island, the vessel has to offer its guests a day at the sea, since there is no other alternative to a call. MSC Cruises of course reacted immediately by discovering the first infections. 

If an infection is discovered on board, further tests will be carried out. Further infections were discovered here. Those affected were isolated in accordance with the hygiene and safety protocol, as were the direct contact persons of the infected. MSC Seashore will return at the Port of Miami tomorrow, as scheduled.