Brazilian Cruise Travelers Tip More Than Europeans

Jan 12, 2018

Brazilian cruise passengers usually reward good service with extra tips while traveling on vacation. This is the conclusion of the 2018 Tips Report Survey published by the Dreamlines cruise portal. More than 2500 cruise ship passengers were interviewed about their tipping habits during their cruise ship travels, positioning the Brazilians among the most generous in the world. The daily average of gratuities by the Brazilian is of $ 18, 11 per day of a cruise, well above the value of the French, Italians, and British. Only 10% of the Brazilian respondents stated that they did not leave any type of tip during the voyage.

Young people are the most generous

Another surprising result of the survey reveals that travelers under 30 years of age are the ones who leave higher gratuities during the trip, proving that service excellence is crucial for this generation. Travelers of this age group usually leave an average of $ 26 a day in tips, especially for stewards, bartenders, and masseurs. Those over 60 years old leave lower tips among the categories interviewed. 

Housekeepers and waiters receive the best tips

The crew members who receive the most from Brazilian passengers are cabin crew members, who usually receive tips 84% of the time (34% above the international average). Second, there are restaurant waiters who get good service 77% of the time. 

Tips at the end of the cruise

The timing of tipping also differs from country to country. While Brazilians, French and Italian prefer to leave a bonus at the end of the cruise, only 30% of Germans do the same. Travelers in this country prefer to leave lower tip amounts throughout the trip at the end of each service.

Most Brazilian travelers prefer to tip the crew personally (53%), instead of adding the value to the onboard account (14%) or leaving an envelope in the cabin (23%).