“Bum Bum Kla” Song inspired by the Emergency Muster Drill Composed by a Crewmember

Mar 21, 2019

Dandara Morena is a talented 25-year-old singer from Brazil. Last year, while working as a Sales Assistant on board the cruise ship Norwegian Spirit she got an idea for a song inspired by the “seven long – one short blasts” from the emergency muster drill. Mixing these distinctive sounds from the ship’s horn with Brazilian flair while adding the well-known words used by the crew members, she composed this catchy song named “BUM BUM KLA.” Dandara informs Crew Center that the song is pretty famous hit amongst the crew members and is often played in the crew bar.

Check out Dandara Morena “BUM BUM KLA” song here.

Dandara says: I disembarked in August from Spirit, I had the best moments of my life on the ship, and also met incredible people! I also participated in Miss Spirit 2018! :) It was an amazing contract, I was for the whole contract TOP COMMENT CARD!

All the crew were very friendly to me, I was very popular because of my extrovert personality. They all say the crew mart is not the same without me, I am focusing on my career as an artist here on land but I would love to go back one more time to have that experience again even though some times can be very exhausting. I heard that at the beginning some of the crew thought it was a real drill and they stayed focus on what the music was saying...hahaha

I used to work in the crew mart and there I used to hear a lot that I looked like an artist, so whenever I leave the ship I should do that, and in the ship we use to call each other “BUM BUM KLA” and many times when I was listening to the alarm I thought “this can become a song” so I made Bum Bum kla, because of how we used to call each other in the ship...and bum bum in Portuguese means “ass” haha.

The song starts by saying in English this is an international emergency drill for all the people to move their ass...then my DJ speaks in Portuguese that he didn’t understand anything I said in English, so then I tell him (in Portuguese) I am sorry this is an international emergency drill for all the people to move their ass after the blast, also I repeat that in Spanish...and I mentioned that this song was made directly from the ship.”