Carnival Cruise Line New Policy for Team Member Movement Request

Jun 13, 2019

Carnival Cruise Line introduced a new movement request policy for their shipboard team members from Deck, Engine and Hotel Departments. The new movement request policy applies for Early Vacation Requests, Work Break, Vacation, Request for Specific Sign Off and Sign On date, Contract Extension, Specific Ship Request and Personal Vessel Transfer. Crew Members are permitted to make one request per calendar year. Department Heads, Senior Officers, Human Resources, Entertainment, and Casino are excluded from the Movement Request Policy.


Carnival aspires to be the employer of choice for seafarers and offers a flexible approach to scheduling while ensuring fairness and business continuity. This policy defines the various requests that are permitted, the frequency in which requests can be made, and the approval process.

Applies to

All team members from Deck, Engine, and Hotel except Senior Officers, Department Heads, Entertainment, Human Resources, and Casino.

Guidelines for movement requests

  • - Team members are permitted to make one request per calendar year.
  • - All requests must be made at least 60 days prior to the requested movement date.
  • - All new hires, regardless of rank are not permitted to make any requests during their first contract.
  • - No multiply requests can be made, nor can multiply requests be bundled into one single request.


How to submit a request?

  • - Movement request forms are available in the Crew Office.
  • - Team member submits Request Form to the Crew Office.
  • - The HR team will review the request to ensure it meets the guidelines.
  • - Once a week requests will be submitted to the relevant Heads of Department for approval.
  • - Department Head approval will be based on work performance history and seniority.
  • - All approved requests will be sent to the relevant scheduler by the HR team.
  • - The shoreside scheduler will review the requests and either grant or deny within two weeks.
  • - If the request is denied, the team member is permitted to submit a different request within the next 12 months.


Types of requests

  • - Early Vacation - Minimum contract length must be adhered to.
  • - Work Break - Approved by Department Head onboard.
  • - Vacation - Standard vacations (depending on position) will be between 6 weeks to 3 months, extensions of up to 120 days can be requested.
  • - Specific Sign Off Date
  • - Specific Sign On Date
  • - Contract Extension - Maximum contract length cannot be exceeded.
  • - Specific Ship Request
  • - Personal Vessel Transfer - Team member is to cover all costs.
  • - Please note - Rehire status will be in effect for team members if they do not return on board after 6 months.