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Carnival Liberty passenger suffers minor injuries in Cozumel

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Carnival Liberty cruise ship passenger was injured in Cozumel yesterday in a motorcycle accident. The news site Yucatan reports that Carol Terry and her boyfriend David Peterson, rented a motorcycle for sightseeing the island. Carol decided she will be the driver, however once on the motorcycle she fell down, injuring her knee and foot.

Soon after the Tourist Police officers arrived and called an ambulance. Shortly after Paramedics attended at the scene and stabilized Carol and told her boyfriend that the injuries are not serious. After the passenger boarded the ambulance she was taken to the cruise terminal and returned on Carnival Liberty.

Luckily Carol got away with minor injuries, however there many cases of Injured cruise passengers in rented vehicle accidents in Cozumel. In April 2016, three Carnival Paradise passengers were injured in Cozumel, when they crushed in a tree with a buggy. Two Carnival Liberty passengers died in motorcycle accident in Cozumel on April 2, 2016. One of the road curves proved to be fatal, after they lost control of the bike. The female died at the scene of the accident and her boyfriend died later in the hospital.