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Celebrity Infinity Breaks Away From Moorings at Port of Ravenna

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The coastal town of Ravenna, Italy faced a tumultuous encounter with nature on Saturday as strong gusts of wind wreaked havoc, causing the cruise ship Celebrity Infinity to break its moorings at the Porto Corsini pier during a powerful storm. With approximately 2,100 passengers and 900 crew members on bord, the situation posed an immediate challenge for maritime authorities.

The incident unfolded when the bow moorings of the vessel gave way, leaving the cruise ship attached only by its stern moorings. The Operations Room of the Harbor Master's Office sprang into action, promptly alerting and coordinating the intervention of the technical-nautical services, including port pilots and tugboats.

With the assistance of three tugboats, a delicate operation ensued to keep the cruise ship in a safe position. The combined maneuver on the bow and stern was executed, preventing any harm to the passengers and crew on board. Thanks to the timely and coordinated efforts of the maritime authorities, potential damage to the ship and the dock was avoided.

The incident bore a resemblance to a similar event that occurred last September when another cruise ship, the Viking Sea, faced a similar situation at the same port

Celebrity Infinity is currently sailing a 7 Night voyage to Greece, Turkey & Croatia, commencing from Ravenna, Italy on 22nd July. The ports of call include Dubrovnik, Croatia Nafplion, Greece (Rhodes, Greece, Kusadasi (Ephesus), Turkey Santorini, Greece and finally, Piraeus (Athens), Greece on 29th July, expected to arrive at 06:00.

Photo credit: Settesere