Coronavirus Cases Rise to 20 Onboard Diamond Princess

Feb 06, 2020

Japan health officials announced today 10 additional people have tested positive for Coronavirus on the cruise ship Diamond Princess, rising the number of confirmed cases to 20. The infected individuals have been informed they have the virus and were already transported ashore for further treatment and observation by medical staff.

Princess Cruises has confirmed the latest cases of Coronavirus found in additional ten individuals on Diamond Princess saying:

“We can confirm that among the second set of samples that have completed testing,10 additional people have tested positive for Coronavirus. Local public health authorities will disembark those guests for transport to local hospitals immediately. The health and safety of our guests and crew remains our top priority. We continue to work closely with the Japan Ministry of Health on all protocols and procedures while ensuring the comfort of our guests.”

The latest people infected by the Coronavirus are all passengers on Diamond Princess. This includes four Japanese citizens two from the United States and Canada, and one from New Zealand and Taiwan.

Today much-needed supplies were loaded on the ship such as toilet paper, food and drinking water. According to the Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, about 4000 sets of masks and thermometers are loaded to prevent infection on board and control physical condition. Alcohol for hand disinfection was also provided so that it could be placed in the corridors.

Yesterday we received a message from a crew member who is onboard Diamond Princess saying that they work extra hours to sanitize the ship and send meals to the guests who are confined in their cabins. quests are confined in their cabins 

“There are not enough protective masks for the crew. I would suggest getting more alcohol for sanitization. We're worried about our health. All the restaurants are closed, only room service is operating for all the passengers. All the crew are doing extra duties and sanitizing the whole ship. Housekeeping services are all closed. So busy all dining room staff in the food delivery to guests cabins” says the crew member.

A total of 102 cruise ship crew and passengers have been tested so far, of which 20 tested positive for the virus.