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Bad Sense of Humor “Costa Cruises one way trips”

Aug 12, 2016

The owner of the funeral company Costa, Natalino Costa, wanted to "fool around" with the similar names between his firm and the name of the Italian cruise company Costa Cruises. As a sponsor of local festival in Italy, Natalino printed the slogan “Costa Cruises One way trips” on the aprons worn by the waiters. Many people offended by this slogan with bad sense of humor reacted to the message reminding them of the terrible tragedy of Costa Concordia where 32 people lost their lives. Evidently, the owner of the funeral firm has not come to terms with the sensitivity of his action.

Mafia Boss Arrested on Cruise Ship

Aug 05, 2016

In a major operation conducted by the Italian authorities 17 members of the organized criminal syndicate Ndrangheta were arrested. Among them was the boss Gaetano Tomaselli who was arrested on a cruise ship. The police boarded the cruise ship during a stop in Cagliari on August 4, before the passengers could get off, and arrested Tomaselli. The special antiterrorism squad of the Guardia di Finanza of Reggio Calabria on the night of July 30, planned to arrest Tomaselli at his home. However one day before, he boarded on cruise ship with his family in Civitavecchia.

Costa Diadema Cruise Ship Welcomes Pepper, the Humanoid Robot

Jul 12, 2016

Genoa, 12 July 2016 – Onboard Costa Diadema, flagship of the Costa Cruises fleet, was presented Pepper, the first robot in the world able to recognize main human emotions and proactively interact with the surrounding environment. Starting from today, five Pe pper robots will be operative on all 7-day cruises of the Costa’s flagship in the Western Mediterraneean: their task will be to entertain guests, making their on board experience even more unique and unforgettable.

Cruise Ship Waiter Sentenced for sexual assault. The Captain on trial for failing to report the incident

Jul 07, 2016

On Wednesday, Italian court sentenced a cruise ship crew member to ten months' imprison for sexual assault on a 17 year old girl. NuovaVenezia reports that the assault happened three years ago during an Adriatic cruise on the ship Costa Fascionsa.

Costa Fascinosa Passenger Dies in Helicopter Medevac

May 19, 2016

A French passenger sailing onboard Costa Fascinosa cruise ship died yesterday morning during an emergency evacuation by a Sea Rescue helicopter. The 77 year-old passenger suffered heart attack when the ship was about 50 miles from Mallorca, Spain. The tragic event happened when the man danced with his wife on the ship at around eleven o'clock at night. The onboard medical team quickly responded to the scene by providing emergency treatment. Spanish coastguard was alerted to carry out urgent transfer to the nearest hospital, and a helicopter was mobilized.

The Story of a Cruise Ship Cook

Apr 29, 2016

Letter from a crew member

I was hired to work as a third party in Costa Cruises.

Costa Cruises Officer Dies After Suffering Stroke On Board

Mar 16, 2016

Costa Pacifica Staff Engineer, Roberto Fruci was transported on airplane from Brazil to Italy in coma and was rushed to the hospital San in Pavia. The tragic event occurred while the cruise ship was sailing to South America with stops in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay.

Costa Concordia Life Jacket Found in Sardinia after Floating for Four Years

Mar 16, 2016

A life jacket of the cruise ship Costa Concordia was found on the Sardinian coast in Italy. After Concordia was wrecked on 13 January 2012, the life jacket floated the Mediterranean for four years, before it was found by a fisherman in the rocky coast line in Sardinia.