Crazy Man Jumps Off Cruise Ship Bow

Dec 21, 2016

A video was released today on YouTube showing a man jumping off the cruise ship bow. This lunatic jumped roughly 50 to 60 feet while the cruise ship was docked in the port and his friend filmed the video from the pier. After swimming back to the dock the man said “that was awesome”. It’s not awesome you dumbass. If you injure your back you will for sure sue the company for your stupidity. There is no information from which ship he jumped off, however from the bow symbol it was a Princess Cruise Ship.

In the recent years several videos have been released by crazy people attempting life threatening stunts on cruise ship. Last month a disturbing video was posted on KPRC 2 Huston, showing a boy climbing on a railing and hanging down side of Carnival Liberty while the cruise ship was sailing. In 2014 Daredevil was evicted after jumping off the Carnival ship while the vessel was sailing near Grand Turk Island.

The video was first posted by CruiseHive