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Crew Areas on Carnival Cruise Line Vista class ships

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If you want to find out where the crew members live and relax onboard Carnival Cruise Line Vista-class ships and the crew areas available you'll want to take a look here. These ships can accommodate 1450 crew members, which is quite an astonishing number of people working on board. Therefore, crew members have many dedicated areas available at their disposal. We will show you some of the crew areas on this class of ships so you can get familiar before signing on, with photos of the crew dining and recreational areas, and much more.

The following crew areas are available on the VIsta class ships:

  • - Crew Lounge 
  • - Crew Bar
  • - Crew Laundrette
  • - Crew Gym
  • - Crew Computer Learning Room
  • - Crew Open Deck
  • - Crew Restaurant


Ships belonging to the Carnival Cruise Line Vista Class: