Crew ID Card and Name Tag

Apr 10, 2019

The Crew Pass, also known as Crew Card, is the crew member's identification card, this is the most important document for a crew member. There are various information’s related to the crew member identity such as crew members photo, name, work position, nationality, passport number, date of admission, official number, and barcode. 

In addition to being a personal ID, this card also serves for the crewman entering and leaving the ship in the ports, this is also a key to open your cabin, your credit card. The crew member can also put cash credits on the Crew Pass and use it to shop in the onboard stores and in the crew bar. The card can be also used for discounts in ports, most of the businesses in the Caribbean offer special discounts for crew members when this card is presented to purchase goods or services. If you are in port manning, Security will know that and you will not be able to leave the ship that day, so if you try to leave the gangway the identification computer will sound like crazy. As soon as the crew embarks, they receive the Crew Card for free. We cannot lend the Crew Card to anyone, in case the crew loses it, it will pay a fee for the duplicate, in addition to signing a warning.

The Name Tag is a badge that the crew member uses next to his uniform so she/he can be identified by the passengers or by other crew. The following info is displayed on the nametag; the name, position and nationality of the crew member, or even the languages that the crew member speaks. 

Crew members must use the name tag whenever he or she is on the ship, (especially in the guest areas) since not using it may result in a warning. The correct way to use the Name Tag is by positioning it on the left side above the chest.  As soon as the crew member boards, he receives the Name Tag for free. But in case of loss, he will be charged for the second.