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The maritime network Crew Pages, dedicated to creating equal employment opportunities in the industry, announced a new platform connecting the job-seeking and recruitment process and making it much easier than it has ever been.

This unique platform brings together all recruiters and crew in one place. Candidates no longer need to register on many different websites and recruiters know that there is just one place where they can post job opportunities to the widest audience and find the best crew. And the best part is: it is completely free of charge.

For seafaring professionals, once a CV is registered, it is visible to all employers around the world, and you are just one click away from applying for a job. Access is unlimited: once subscribed, crew members can see and apply endlessly for jobs advertised on the Crew Pages platform.

Ensuring that every registered resume is equally visible to recruiters, Crew Pages' advanced search engine shuffles CVs continually and sends those that exactly match job requirements to the recruiters’ inboxes. Recruiters can create lists of favourites and send direct messages to candidates.  

To take things further, a recruiter can contact a crew member/job candidate directly to provide more information about the position and discuss the offer. This conversation is entirely private and doesn’t leave the platform

From Crew to Crew

As the first maritime social network, Crew Pages delivers even more benefits:

  • -Connecting with former, current, or future fellow crew members, asking for advice or supporting new crew members joining the industry
  • -Sharing experiences and demonstrating expertise
  • -Presenting skills: all crew members are invited to share their daily work and life directly on the homepage – or Main Deck, as it is called 
  • -Up-to-date industry news and insight reports
  • -Professionally designed CV templates available to download

And there is more:

Shifting from one industry sector to another

Those keen to work in the yacht industry after years on a cruise line or with merchant ships (or vice versa), can discover the reality of working in a different sector through the information shared by other professionals on Crew Pages’ Main Deck and can more easily make the shift. All three sectors will advertise new jobs daily, increasing candidates’ chances of finding the ideal vessel for their next engagement. 

Opportunities for Couples

If you and your significant other want to board together, you can merge your profiles. Once linked, you will be shown to potential employers as a couple and be recruited as one. 

Land-based positions

If you are looking to change career and move to shore, look into the options for land-based positions and opportunities there.

Crew Pages guarantees visibility to potential employers with a sophisticated search engine that guarantees equal visibility to every user, thanks to an integrated shuffling system. Whether an experienced professional or a newcomer to the maritime industry, this system provides the same exposure to everybody. 

Seafarers and recruiters can benefit from the very best platform available. Crew Pages is the future of the maritime community – and it is here now.

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