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Cruise Line Offers Work & Travel Program for Guests

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Do you love traveling but would like the lowest possible rates on your next cruise vacation?

Well, now one cruise line is offering guests the opportunity to participate in a Work & Travel program, giving them the chance to work part-time aboard the ships while at the same time enjoying all guest benefits. Guests aboard Aida Cruises ships can work 4 hours a day and be rewarded with a discounted cruise rate.

The program

The new AIDA Work & Travel program offers the unique opportunity to support AIDA crew professionals and discover the world at the same time.

The process:

After a short introductory event on the first day on board and your job placement, you will receive detailed training from a crew member in your area of operation.

As a "workie" you are on duty for 4 hours every day.

You will be responsible for simpler but meaningful tasks  - so-called "side jobs" (e.g. chopping vegetables with the kitchen crew, cleaning the cabins with the cabin stewards, folding towels and assisting the Chief Officer Towels in tracking down sunbed reservists on deck) - used.

Leadership positions are excluded from the program. Instead, you support our crew as a helping hand in all important areas.


You will work with our international crew and should be able to communicate well in English. The language on board when dealing with our guests is German.

Great bonus:

At the end of your stay, you will receive a free group photo of all “AIDA Work & Travel” participants on your trip together with the crew as well as a certificate of participation for your CV. 

Voyage Begins

The AIDA Work & Travel on the high seas program unfolds as a carefully curated adventure, beginning with an introductory event that eases you into life aboard and leads to your job placement. Under the guidance of experienced crew members, you'll be trained in your designated area of responsibility. As a "workie," your day will encompass four hours of duty, engaging in essential yet straightforward tasks—be it assisting in the kitchens, lending a hand in cabin maintenance, or ensuring the deck runs smoothly. While leadership roles are reserved for seasoned crew members, your contributions as a support hand in various departments are invaluable.

The Perks

This program doesn't just offer a unique blend of work and travel; it enriches your life with experiences and skills that resonate well beyond the journey. Imagine chopping vegetables alongside professional chefs in the morning and basking in the sun on a deck chair in the afternoon, or folding towels before diving into the pool. At the journey's end, not only will you have a collection of unforgettable memories, but you'll also be rewarded with a group photo featuring all participants of the "AIDA Work & Travel" program and a certificate of participation. These tokens are not just mementos but valuable additions to your CV, symbolizing your adaptability, commitment, and willingness to embrace new challenges.