Cruise Port Amsterdam Continues Normal Operations Amidst Speculations

Jul 28, 2023

Contrary to some news reports, Cruise Port Amsterdam (CPA) announced that it remains open for business as usual, with cruise ships calling to their regular schedules, according to the statement by Dick de Graaff, director of Cruise Port Amsterdam.

In response to recent developments, on July 20, the coalition parties of Amsterdam city council raised concerns over ocean-going cruise ships docking at the current city center location. Subsequently, the council has made an appeal to the College of Mayor and Aldermen, who are yet to provide their official response.

Dick de Graaff clarifies, "As of now, there is no formal policy proposal on the table, and no specific timeline has been mentioned. Cruise Port Amsterdam is closely monitoring the situation and awaits further information. It is possible that the discussions may involve exploring alternative locations for cruise operations. However, the exact details and timing remain uncertain."

The city council recently approved the installation of onshore power at the terminal, which is expected to be completed by 2025. Once finished, the terminal will be equipped with one connection for ocean-going cruise ships and eight for river cruise ships, thereby enhancing the port's environmental sustainability.

Despite the ongoing discussions, Cruise Port Amsterdam currently holds confirmed bookings for cruise ships up to and including the year 2026, ensuring a stable outlook for the future.

Cruise Port Amsterdam continues to operate smoothly, offering its services to cruise ships in line with existing arrangements. The situation remains dynamic, and further updates will be communicated as they arise.

Photo Credit: Cruise Europe