Cruise ship to accommodate surfers during the 2024 Olympic Games

Aug 04, 2023

As the excitement builds for the upcoming Olympic Games in 2024, a unique and picturesque accommodation solution has been unveiled for the surfers participating in the highly anticipated surfing tournament which will take place in Tahiti, French Polynesia. The wave of Teahupo'o, known for its awe-inspiring swells and challenging waters, will serve as the stage for these exceptional athletes. To complement this extraordinary setting, surfers from around the world will find their home away from home on the cruise ship Aranui.

The Aranui, renowned for its expertise in both cruises and maritime freight transport, will be anchored in the bay of Vairao, offering surfers easy access to the waves and ensuring their proximity to the competition venue.

While the Aranui will act as the designated Olympic village for the surfers and sports delegations, participants have the option to choose alternative accommodations at their own expense. Initial considerations for a hotel near Teahupo'o were explored, but repair timelines posed a challenge. The cruise ship solution emerged as the most viable option, satisfying the Paris-2024 specifications that require accommodation within a 45-minute radius of the competition site.

In response to concerns about environmental impact, the organizing committee (Cojo) has initiated a study and will implement measures to mitigate any potential carbon footprint associated with the cruise ship accommodation, as affirmed by Minister Temarii.

The surfing events, slated to take place from July 27 to 30, 2024, will showcase twenty-four male and female surfers representing 18 to 20 countries. Depending on the swell conditions, the competition window may extend until August 5. Among the participants, Polynesian surfers Vahine Fierro and Kauli Vaast, well-versed in mastering the challenges of the local wave, are set to defend French chances alongside Johanne Defay from RĂ©union.

Photo credit: Kauli Vaast