A day in the life of a Media Manager on Cruise Ship

Jun 24, 2019

Media Manager position is a part of the Entertainment Department. A day in life of a Media Manager on Carnival Cruise Line ships will start with updating the digital version of daily newspapers onto the Internet Café, updating the information on the scala screens all around the ship, checking the information on the mobile app and a walking ship tour to ensure that all digital data, printed signage and TV channels are properly displayed before guests start their daily routine and go for their first morning coffee or breakfast.

After the ship tour Media Managers will prepare daily newspapers and send them for printing, respond to e-mails, attend meetings and work closely with Entertainment Director and other heads of departments in order to prepare the collateral for the rest of the current voyage and slowly prepare the collateral content for next voyage as well. All this will take place until lunch time.

During the port days, afternoon time is usually free time for exploring the ports of call or enjoying the time on the ship.

In the evenings it is time for one more ship walk to see that all collateral is displayed properly, scala screens are working, movies on the open deck are playing on time and check the attendance of the guests. Depending on the day of the cruise (casual or elegant night) and time of the day (day time vs night time), the uniform will also vary since Media Managers are using casual daily uniforms during the day, casual nightly uniforms during the evenings and formal uniforms during the formal nights.

During possible emergency situations, full crew trainings and emergency drills, Media Managers are working closely with the Bridge Team and following orders given by the Ship Command.

Media Manager position is very interesting, dynamic and no two days are the same. It requires excellent knowledge of the English language (especially spelling and grammar), people and communication skills and advanced use of computer skills.