The FBI Arrested Anonymous Hacker Rescued by Disney Cruise Ship

Feb 21, 2016

FBI announced they've tracked down a hacker suspected of infiltrating Boston Children's Hospital computer network. Martin Gottesfeld age 31, claiming to be member of Anonymous hacking group, fled the United States and was picked up by a Disney cruise ship off the coast of Cuba.

Martin and his wife were onboard a yacht when they ran into trouble close to the coast of Cuba. Their distress call was picked up by a Disney cruise ship sailing nearby, and the rescue operation was reported to the authorities triggering Hackers arrest.

The hacker was arrested yesterday morning in the Port of Miami by FBI, after the cruise ship docket into the port. 

  • U.S. District Attorney says he is facing one count of conspiracy after orchestrating computer attack, causing disruption to the hospital’s network for a week, and damages of $300,000.
  • The Hospital hack was done by Martin Gottesfeld on April 19, 2014, over high-profile child custody case involving Justina Pelletier, for custody battle between the state and her parents.

The Department of Justice says, Martin Gottesfeld posted a YouTube video in 2014 on behalf of the hacking group Anonymous. In the video he threaten the hospital in response to the treatment provided to the teenage girl, saying that Anonymous “will punish all those held accountable and will not relent until Pelletier is free.”

The Boston Children's hospital network attack disrupted their website, day-to-day operations, and the research programs.


Anonymous Justina Press Release Video