Former Crew Members Open Russian & European Restaurant Visit Mama in Cozumel

Jul 07, 2019

My name is Margarita, I am from Minsk, Belarus, and Carlos from Mexico. We used to work on board first European ships, after Carnival ships: Paradise, Conquest, and Breeze. Effy jewelry store. Now we live on Cozumel island.  But this story is not about us. And even not about working on board. All of you, guys, know how hard and at the same time exciting it is, and how it is changing life. This story is about life challenges and courage. 

I remember my first contract when one guy from Poland kept telling me to go home: what are you doing here girl, should stay at home, have kids and family… But I knew exactly why I went to work on board, I met a lot of friends and I knew that I deserve this chance.  2 years which I spent far away from home gave me life, I would never imagine before: friends from different countries and wide look into the world. 

When I was on board, more than anything I was missing my food. We have been very lucky because Carnival took care of us and we had days of national food in mess. But in the Caribbean area, I didn’t see any European or Russian food places. Imagine, I was dreaming about the day when my parents will meet me at the airport with home-cooked stuff. One of these days, one idea came to our mind: to open the place for Russian, Belarussian, Ukranian, Romanian people, where they can come and eat their food. So we moved to Cozumel and opened the restaurant Visit Mama. It is located right in front of Puerta Maya, Cozumel, so it will take just 5 minutes by walk to reach the place. What do we offer? Borsch, draniki, pelmeny, mici, chevapi and much more. We like to think, that someone came back from our place with a feeling of home. It makes us feel happy.

Visit Mama crew restaurant in Cozumel, Mexico

I have always been admiring the people, who went to work at sea. We are brave, we are confident, we are professional. Don’t let anyone to hesitate your confidence. Job on board is a great chance to understand yourself, to open the best in your mind and heart. So just take the challenge, all world is waiting for you. 

Here are the menu items of the Restaurant Visit Mama and photos of their homemade delicious food.

Menu of Visit Mama Restaurant at Port Cozumel


How to find Visit Mama? Very easy! Go from Carnival terminal and follow red & white tower!

For more info go to Visit Mama here.

Please support your fellow crew members and follow their Facebook Page. And if your ships sails to Cozumel, Mexico make sure you visit them and try their homemade delicacies.