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Letter from Costa crew member: How do we fit in the future of our company with ship transfers and lay-ups?

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Crew Center received a letter from Costa Cruises crew member expressing his concerns about the latest transfer of Costa Luminosa, and two additional ships to Carnival Cruise Line, in regards to what will happen to the crew and the future of the company. Lack of clarity when and if other Costa ships, currently in lay-up, are expected to restart, is leaving many crew members in limbo. 

While most of the major cruise lines are sailing in full capacity, Costa Cruises has several cruise ships out of operation, and some will be put in layup for the upcoming winter season.

Letter from Costa crew member:

"The crew members from Costa are a little worry what we see this year with our company. Until today we are the only company still with many ships in layup. 

The reason for our concern is because:

  • - Costa Luminosa was transferred to Carnival.
  • - Costa Venezia and Costa Firenze will be transferred to Carnival in 2023 and 2024.
  • - Costa Serena is still in layup in Dubai.
  • - Costa Atlantica and Mediterranea are in layup in Limassol. 
  • - Costa Magica was moved from La Spezia to Agusta, one small island in front to Africa.
  • - Costa Venezia will start layup from November 20 until April 2023.
  • - Costa Diadema will start layup from December 2022 until April 2023.


A total of 7 ships will be in Layup keeping us wondering how the rotation of the crew will be. What the company is hiding to Us? Many Rumors say Carnival is absorbing Costa Crociere but no one from Costa informs the crew and their excuse is that passengers are not booking on Costa ships. Why other cruise lines are full with Guests? And the worst thing is where are all the money? Costa cut monthly to us who uses that money? Many colleagues after the pandemic decided to resign from Costa but until now haven't yet received their money.

No doubt, Costa needs to reassure its crew and provide more information about the future plans of the company and how they fit in."

What happened to Costa Luminosa crew?

According to our source, once the transfer to Carnival Cruise Line was completed and the ship was renamed Carnival Luminosa, crew members have been transferred to other Costa ships. This supports the claim with the latest news that Carnival Luminosa is now heading to Dubai for crewing up before sailing to Australia for its regular cruises. This brings us to the second question. 

What will happen with the crew aboard Costa Venezia and Costa Firenze once the ships are transferred to Carnival Cruise Line?

Back in June this year, Carnival Corporation announced that Costa Cruises newest ships, Costa Venezia and Costa Firenze, will join the Carnival Cruise Line fleet – creating a new concept for Carnival’s North American guests.

Costa Venezia will join the Carnival fleet in spring of 2023 sailing from New York, followed by Costa Firenze in the spring of 2024 sailing out from Long Beach, California.

If the same decision will be made, like on Costa Luminosa, to transfer the crew on other Costa ships then this might be a challenging task, especially with the crew rotations. Lack of clarity on what will happen and if there will be enough capacity to transfer the crew to other ships, keeps some worrying about their future.