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MSC Splendida crew member rescued after going overboard

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A 24-year-old crew member went overboard from the cruise ship MSC Splendida on Wednesday, while the vessel was sailing off the coast of Calabria, Italy. The MSC Splendida stopped immediately and a Man Overboard signal was sounded at around 4 a.m. 

According to eyewitnesses, crewmembers lowered a lifeboat initiating a search and rescue operation, as the person in the water could be heard calling for help. The crew of the MSC Splendida was able to locate and rescue the young man.

After about an hour, the rescue operation, which the captain had accompanied with announcements, was completed.

Italian news outlets report that the 24-year-old crew member is a Brazilian national working aboard as a dancer. They report that the crew member went overboard intentionally after an argument with his partner.

Investigation of the incident was conducted at the ship's next port of call Taranto, where authorities questioned witnesses and reviewed the CCTV footage. After recovery, the crew member will be sent back to his country.

Several Guests sailing aboard MSC Splendida recorded videos of the search and rescue operation.

Melanie Schwarz wrote this message on her Facebook profile:

“I woke up with 3 long blasts from the ship and went to my balcony noticing that Splendida has immediately stopped. Busy bustle on the bridge since I'm on deck 12 at the same height. Searchlights are on for about 30 minutes, nothing is done and there is dead silence. Suddenly cries for help can be heard from the distance, which is slowly getting louder. Immediately a rescue boat is lowered and sets off. I am an immediate witness of salvation. Another 30 minutes later, the captain's life-saving announcement that the person could be secured and there is no danger to his life.”